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Acrylic Digital Photo Frame

Acrylic Digital Photo Frame

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Discover Modern Memories with Our Acrylic Digital Photo Frame! Showcase your cherished moments on a vibrant 5-inch high-resolution IPS screen. Perfect for family photos, holiday snapshots, or videos, it's an ideal gift that brings joy and keeps connections strong. With 1GB of internal memory expandable to 8GB, and a long-lasting 1000mah lithium battery, enjoy endless slideshows of your favorite memories. Easily manage your display with simple button controls for power and volume. A sleek, conversation-sparking piece that's both a thoughtful gift and a personal treasure.

Quick Specs:

  • Clear 5-inch Display: High-resolution (480*854) IPS screen for crisp images
  • Memory: 1GB built-in, expandable to 8GB
  • Power: 1000mah rechargeable battery, Type C charging
  • Versatile: Supports JPEG photos and videos
  • User-Friendly: Button controls for easy operation

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